Fly Board Dubai (AED 500)

Fly Board Dubai

Dubai is a top destination for water sports and activities, and if there’s a craze making waves in the world it won’t be long before it’s here. And one aqua activity that’s tearing up the surf in the city is Flyboarding.
A Flyboard enables the rider to use water pressure to ‘fly’ above the sea. The science behind it all is surprisingly simple. The rider wears a life jacket and a helmet for safety, and stands strapped into a board, much a like a small wakeboard, which is connected to a jet-ski with a 10m pipe, which pumps water into the board. The jet-ski engine supplies the power to pump the water and into the board, and that’s what propels it upwards. The instructor will be on the jet-ski controlling the pressure.

Tour Package Details

From 1 and more persons:
Price per person: AED 500
Our FLyBoard Dubai Price Includes:-:
  • 30 minutes of Fly Board
  • Life jackets
  • For pickup & drop-off 100AED extra charges.
  • You must know how to swim.
  • Valid for ages 15 and above (parent or legal guardian must accompany individuals under 18)
  • You must be physically fit. Weight: minimum of 100 lbs and maximum of 300 lbs (45 - 135 Kg)
  • Passengers must present a valid ID card (passport, labour card, Emirates ID or driving license) for coastguard policy.