Musandam Oman Tour (AED 300)

Musandam Oman Tour

The tour to Oman Musandamis really very relaxing and pleasant that you will just get all your stress washed away. There you will get perfect scenery to rejoice your eyes, in peaceful surroundings you will have a look on salty mountains sailing on fresh water and feeling the clear and straight but pleasant sun rays. All this collectivity makes you happier and bring you near to nature, here you can simply relax yourself from all the hassles and refresh every cell of yours.

Tour Package Details

From 2 and more persons:
Price per person: AED 300
Our Musandam Oman Price Includes:-:
  • A long drive through the highway
  • Cruise trip
  • Initial refreshments
  • Nonstop photography
  • Amazing view of natural beauty
  • Combination of all natural assets
  • A lavish lunch
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Much more…